Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Let's Talk Shoes: Fall Style !

Since every season there's always new trends, let's talk about the new shoe trends for fall ! Seeing how shoes are my favorite thing of all time ;)

First and foremost.. OVER THE KNEE BOOTS !
So stylish, sexy and awesome it's ridiculous !
Here are some great one's:
first pair - Mimosa $298 (at Browns)
second pair - Browns ID $348 (at Browns)
third pair - Mimosa $498 (at Browns)

clearly Brown's has a great selection of over the knee boots, and black is always a great versatile colour to get a pair of boots in !

Studs (looooove this, I swear I'm such a rocker chick at heart) !
first shoe: Aldo - Guerrette (also available in grey!) $125
second shoe: Kurt Geiger - Ga Ga $350 GBP

Aldo has SUCH great shoes, designer inspired, at much lower cost!

Boot/Sandal mix (I personally love this one!):
First shoe: Camilla Skovgaard $505
Second shoe: Kakudji $135
Third shoe: Aldo - Aldo - Tumlin $100

Straps ! (and lots of em):
first shoe: Christian Louboutin - Circus 120 cutout boot $1295 *these are my personal faves and dream shoe.. actually ANYTHING Christian Louboutin is my fave love him!*
second shoe: Aldo - Zoda $80 (this pair is great because animal print is big this season so they're two trends in one!)
third shoe: Aldo - Micolick $90 - I tried these shoes on and they look AMAZING on ! And they come in 5 different colours !!!!

Hope this helped a bit !
love you all xoxo
- Steph !

Numero uno blog !

Hey guys :) 

So, since my YouTube videos got so popular (for those of you who don't know it's www.youtube.com/cityandmakeup)  I decided I would make a blog for you guys for re-capping videos, if I want to show you guys or tell you guys something but I don't want to make a video for it, etc etc ! 

ALSO, because I don't make videos all the time because people are always home and i I like to be home alone this is a great place for me to say things I want to say in the mean time until I get a new video up :) 

I think this will be a fun thing to have so I can't wait to get it started and get some posts up !

LOVE YOU ALL ! xoxox

- Steph !